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Kaspersky Anti-Virus

Brand: Kaspersky
Availability: 1 – 2 Business Days
Media Type: Download
License- 2-Year / 1-PC
Platform: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10



Kaspersky Anti-Virus

Essential Protection—Kaspersky Anti-Virus delivers core protection from the latest viruses, malware, and more. It works behind-the-scenes with intelligent scanning and small, frequent updates, while proactively protecting you from known and emerging threats. Key Features:

  • Harnesses the power of the cloud and your PC with      Hybrid Protection
  • Detects and helps repair program vulnerabilities
  • Scans all websites and emails for malicious software
  • Checks instantly for safety of files, applications and      websites
  • Rolls back most harmful malware activity
  • Maximizes PC performance with speed and efficiency

Features & Benefits: Core Protection

  • Innovative Hybrid Protection
    Our innovative Hybrid Protection combines the power of the cloud with our      advanced technologies housed on your PC to deliver a faster, more      effective response to today’s complex, ever-evolving threats. You’ll      benefit from the speed and volume of security data from the cloud, while      also taking advantage of our ability to detect and analyze suspicious      behavior on your PC; capture malware that is passed to you while you’re      offline via a USB or other device; and block, treat, or rollback harmful      activity. The result of this hybrid combination is unmatched security that      won’t slow you down, leaving you free to enjoy the Internet and your PC to      their full potential.
  • Core Protection with the Latest      Kaspersky Lab Technologies
    Kaspersky Anti-Virus is the backbone of your PC’s security system, packed with      the latest technologies from our team of over 850 world-class security      experts and engineers. It works behind-the-scenes with intelligent      scanning and small, frequent updates, while delivering real-time,      cloud-enabled protection from the latest threats, and proactive protection      from unknown and emerging dangers. It’s essential protection that won’t      slow you down.
  • Rapid, Real-Time Reaction to      New Threats
    New Internet threats emerge with lightening speed, and the latest      Kaspersky technologies are there to protect you with real-time data from      the cloud. Plus, you’ll benefit from millions of users around the world      via the Kaspersky Security Network. When suspicious or unrecognizable data      is encountered on one of those systems, it’s automatically analyzed by our      lab, and real-time, protective updates are issued to all of our users,      giving you the ultimate protection as new threats emerge.

Advanced Protection

  • Proactive Detection of Unknown      Malware
    The latest Kaspersky technologies proactively seek out suspicious activity      on your system—without draining performance. Potential threats are      monitored and analyzed with real-time, cloud technologies, and dangerous      actions are completely blocked before they can cause any harm.
  • Rollback of Malware Changes
    Kaspersky’s multiple layers of protection are your best defense against      cybercrime, delivering premium protection from new and emerging threats.      And if an unknown piece of malware does manage to find its way onto your      system, Kaspersky’s unique System Watcher will detect the dangerous      behavior and allow you to undo most unwanted and harmful activity.
  • Vulnerability Detection
    One of the easier ways for cybercriminals to find a hole in your      protection is through application and system vulnerabilities that haven’t      been updated with the latest fixes. Kaspersky Anti-Virus finds these      vulnerabilities, and assists in patching the holes in your protection      before they can be exploited by viruses, spyware, and identity thieves
  • One-Click Security Checks
    The security status and reputation of any application, executable, or      script is now at your fingertips. With a single mouse-click, File Advisor      uses cloud technologies to instantly send you information such as      filename, size, date created and last modified, threat rating, digital signature,      geography, distribution, and other Kaspersky users’ level of trust. Now      you can make more informed decisions about the files you’d like to access.
  • Instant Website Safety Checks
    Kaspersky’s updated URL Advisor acts as your personal security guide as you      surf the web. We’ve added color-coded tags to all web links within search      results to advise you of the danger level of the link and subsequent      pages. Search the web with confidence that you won’t stumble onto any      dangerous websites.
  • Rootkit Detection
    Rootkits are designed to conceal system infections, and can be very      difficult to detect by common antivirus tools. Kaspersky Anti-Virus uses      special methods specifically designed to detect rootkits, ensuring you’re      protected from this advanced threat.

Identity Protection

  • Anti-Phishing Defense
    Phishing attacks are becoming more common, and much more tricky. It’s      increasingly difficult to know if an email is really from your bank, for      example, or a cybercriminal trying to lure you into revealing confidential      information. Kaspersky uses cloud technologies to update and reference an      online database of phishing websites in real-time, and proactively      analyzes URLs, so new phishing attacks are caught as soon as they emerge.      You can be confident that your digital identity is always safe.
  • Virtual Keyboard
    Kaspersky’s Virtual Keyboard is a special online tool for entering private      data such as credit card numbers and passwords. It’s an on-screen keyboard      you use with a mouse, so the data you enter can’t be tracked or stolen by      keyloggers, hackers, or identity thieves. It’s one more layer of defense      ensuring the safety of your digital identity.


  • Intelligent Scanning
    Kaspersky’s unique technologies keep your system at maximum performance      while still delivering premium protection from viruses and spyware. Files      are scanned only if they’ve been opened or modified, and behind-the-scenes      activities are reduced when you’re placing demands on your PC. So you can      enjoy watching movies, surfing the web, or toggling multiple programs      without disruption from your security software.
  • Smart Updates
    Kaspersky has always delivered especially small updates that minimize the      drain on your PC’s processing power—less than 1{96ef7e4499d1844722fc40e0e0f296ccee22f25c5221f525e804f904b4110350} CPU usage! And now we’ve      added another level of intelligence to our updates: only active components      of the software are updated at any given time, thus minimizing the number      of updates and time needed to download them. You still receive maximum      protection, but with reduced network traffic and resource use.
  • Gamer Mode
    Switch on Gamer Mode to block pop-ups and reduce the use of your PC’s resources      to a bare minimum. Games won’t be interrupted or slowed, and Kaspersky      will still block any hackers or malware that tries to sneak onto your      system.

Additional Features

  • Unmatched Usability with a New      Interface
    We’ve taken a fresh, new approach to our user interface, ensuring it’s      easier than ever for you to manage your PC security. You’ll find instant      visibility into your protection status, one-click access to the features      you use the most, and a detailed guide to how our cloud technologies are working      for you.
  • Easy-Access to Security Status
    Feel confident in your protection status with a quick glance at your      desktop. Kaspersky’s Desktop Security Gadget* prominently displays if your      security is up-to-date, or if an action is required. Customizable buttons      allow you to have the protection features you use the most close-at-hand.      And you can drag and drop files onto the gadget for easy, on-the-spot      virus scanning.
    *Works with Windows Vista & Windows 7
  • Installation on Infected PCs
    If your PC is so severely infected that no antivirus software can be      installed on it, Kaspersky will download a proprietary tool to scan and      eliminate all threats. If the damage is so severe that the operating      system can’t even launch correctly, the Kaspersky Anti-Virus installation      CD can be used as a bootable Rescue Disk to detect and eliminate all      infections. You can then quickly and easily proceed with the product’s      installation.
  • Optimized for Netbooks
    Kaspersky Anti-Virus supports screen resolutions found on netbooks – including      1024×600 and 1366×768 – with no impact on system performance.
  • Free Technical Support
    Free North American-based technical support is available via telephone,      email, and online chat. Additional support includes Kaspersky knowledge      base, an online database of detailed answers to questions about installing      and using Kaspersky Lab products.

System Requirements: Required for all installations

  • About 480 MB free space on the hard drive
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 or higher
  • Microsoft Windows Installer 2.0
  • Internet connection for product activation
  • CD/DVD drive for installation of the program from the      CD

Hardware Requirements XP Operating System:

  • Processor 800 MHz or higher
  • 512 MB available RAM

Vista & Windows 7 Operating Systems:

  • Processor 1 GHz 32-bit /64-bit or higher
  • 1 GB available RAM (32-bit) or 2 GB available RAM      (64-bit)


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